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Time to bring your A game.
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Season Three is the third season of the series. A long summer vacation appears to be just what Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer needed to heal from the traumatic year that included Maya's murder and learning Mona was "A." Things may seem "normal," but the four girls are hardly over what happened. As school starts and the second anniversary of Alison's death approaches, what begins as an attempt to leave the past behind ends with a shocking new nightmare. With the unearthing of family secrets and shifting alliances among the girls' intimate relationships, sinister new mysteries unfoled... mysteries that the girls are desperate to solve in order to clear their names and find out the truth behind Alison's last days- and to stay alive. The suspense builds and the scares come lightning-fast in all 24 Season Three episodes of this buzzed-about series based on Sara Shepard's best-selling books.


Spencer Hastings

Spencer continues to figure out answers about Alison's death while her relationship with Toby deepens. She attempts to figure out answers about Alison's death while her relationship with Toby takes a number of hits and misses. Continued evidence and drama leads her to fight with her sister Melissa even more and a shocking secret about Melissa is revealed and Spencer's mother starts to defend Garrett for his trial against murder.

Emily Fields

After losing Maya and finding Alison's grave empty, Emily continues to struggle with her loss during her senior year. She is more motivated then ever to find answers about Alison's killer and still just barely hoping that Maya might still be alive. Emily is not miss perfect anymore, having spent her summer heavily partying and drinking. Emily has a job at Rear window brew and Emily finds some solace after meeting Maya's cousin Nate in "Birds of a Feather,".

Hanna Marin

Hanna is determined to find answers about Alison's death by visiting Mona at Radley Sanitarium. She continues to hold a relationship with Caleb while also overcoming Mona's betrayal. She is also growing closer to Wren who works at the Radley Sanitarium. Caleb doesn't approve of Hanna's visits to Mona, so he threatens Mona to leave Hanna alone. Later in the season, Hanna and Caleb break-up. Hanna is also accused of stealing Alison's body by Officer Wilden. Hanna and Caleb later get back together and continue their relationship secretly so "A" wouldn't mess with it.

Aria Montgomery

Aria's romance with Ezra continues to plague her relationship with her family especially her father. Like the rest of the four, Aria is just as determined to find more answers. Since the end of season two, Aria's parents have separated and her mother has moved out. Her mother, Ella, says that it wasn't Aria and Ezra's fault, but more the fact that they married young and grown apart. Aria's father starts to date Meredith and as a result, Aria puts up a dating profile for her mother on an online dating website.




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Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
48 1 It Happened 'That Night' Ron Lagomarsino I. Marlene King June 5, 2012 2.93
49 2 Blood Is the New Black Norman Buckley Oliver Goldstick June 12, 2012 2.66
50 3 Kingdom of the Blind Chad Lowe Joseph Dougherty June 19, 2012 2.44
51 4 Birds of a Feather Roger Kumble Story by: Michael J. Cinquemani
Teleplay by: Jonell Lennon
June 26, 2012 2.36
52 5 That Girl Is Poison Chad Lowe Bryan M. Holdman July 10, 2012 2.38
53 6 The Remains of the 'A' Norman Buckley Maya Goldsmith July 19, 2012 2.27
54 7 Crazy Patrick Norris Andy Reaser July 26, 2012 2.43
55 8 Stolen Kisses Zetna Fuentes Joseph Dougherty July 31, 2012 2.22
56 9 Picture This Patrick Norris Jonell Lennon August 9, 2012 2.54
57 10 The Kahn Game Wendey Stanzler Lijah J. Barasz August 7, 2012 2.45
58 11 What Lies Beneath Patrick Norris Jonell Lennon August 14, 2012 2.27
59 12 Single Fright Female Joanna Kerns Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith August 21, 2012 2.40
60 13 This Is a Dark Ride Tim Hunter Joseph Dougherty October 23, 2012 2.85
61 14 She's Better Now Wendey Stanzler Oliver Goldstick January 8, 2013 3.21
62 15 Mona Mania Norman Buckley Bryan M. Holdman January 15, 2013 2.48
63 16 Misery Loves Company I. Marlene King I. Marlene King & Jonell Lennon January 22, 2013 2.68
64 17 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno Michael Grossman Maya Goldsmith January 29, 2013 2.85
65 18 Dead to Me Arlene Sanford Joseph Dougherty & Lijah J. Barasz February 5, 2013 2.75
66 19 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted Ron Lagomarsino Oliver Goldstick & Francesca Rollins February 12, 2013 2.41
67 20 Hot Water Chad Lowe Andy Reaser February 19, 2013 2.61
68 21 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Melanie Mayron Jonell Lennon February 26, 2013 2.71
69 22 Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Ron Lagomarsino Joseph Dougherty March 5, 2013 2.56
70 23 I'm Your Puppet Oliver Goldstick Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith March 12, 2013 2.41
71 24 A dAngerous gAme Patrick Norris I. Marlene King March 19, 2013 2.87



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