{{Infobox_Character |name = Sean Ackard |Gender = Male |Occupation(s) = Student (Rosewood High) |Hair Color = Blonde |Friends = Noel Kahn
Amber Victorino
Ben Coogan
Aria Montgomery
hanna Marin |Rival = Lucas Gottesman (formerly) |Romances = Hanna Marin (Ex-Girlfriend)
Paige McCullers (Briefly Dated)
Aria Montgomery (Former Crush) |Status = Alive |Portrayed By = Chuck Hittinger |image = |First appearance = The Jenna Thing |Rivals = [[lucas |Family = Mrs. Ackard (Mother)
Reverend Ackard (Father) |Interests = |Last appearance = Someone to Watch Over Me |Eye Color = Blue |Education = Rosewood High School |Latest appearance = }} Sean Ackard is a recurring character in the series. He is portrayed by Chuck Hittinger.


Season 1


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