Rosewood High School seems to be a state of the art school with practically everything located in Rosewood.


Rosewood High School
Rosewood High School's facilities consists of, but isn't limited to:
  • Lacrosse training facilities 
  • Full-length indoor swimming pool with stadium seating
  • Computer laboratory
  • Performing Arts Auditorium
  • School Assembly Auditorium
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Music classroom

Activities Edit

  • 10K marathon
  • Prom
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Blood Drive
  • Swim meets


Students Status
Hanna Marin Graduate
Aria Montgomery Graduate
Spencer Hastings Graduate
Emily Fields Former; Swim Coach
Mona Vanderwaal Graduate
Noel Kahn Graduate
Toby Cavanaugh Former; Got his GED
Jenna Marshall Former; Transferred
Lucas Gottesman Former; Home-schooled
Alison DiLaurentis Former; Teacher
Sean Ackard Former; Transferred to boarding school
Maya St. Germain Prior to death for 11th grade
Ben Coogan Graduate
Caleb Rivers Graduate
Paige McCullers Former; Swim Coach
Mike Montgomery Graduate
Kate Randall Former; Expelled
Danielle Graduate
Ian Thomas Graduate
Garrett Reynolds Graduate
Melissa Hastings Graduate
Jason DiLaurentis Graduate
Amber Victorino Graduate
Bridget Wu Graduate
Holden Strauss Graduate
Naomi Zeigler Graduate
Riley Wolfe Graduate
CeCe Drake Graduate
Eric Kahn Graduate
Darren Wilden Graduate
Simone Graduate
Connor Graduate
Shana Prior to death
Andrew Campbell Graduate
Brenda Graduate

Faculty and StaffEdit

Employee Position
Mr.Tamborelli Vice Principal
Arthur Hackett Vice Principal
Ezra Fitz English Teacher (former)
Substitute English Teacher (former)
Ian Thomas Field Hockey Coach (Former; Prior to death)
Ella Montgomery Substitute Teacher (Former)
English Teacher (Currently on extended vacation)
Mrs. Welch English Teacher
Miss Shepard Substitute Teacher
Coach Fulton Varsity Girls Swim Team Coach
Mr. Sheldrake Advanced Placement Russian History Teacher
Meredith Sorenson American History Teacher (Former)
Jason DiLaurentis Substance Abuse Counselor (Former)
Coach Slocomb Girls Swim Team Coach
Jesse Lindall Guidance Counselor
Alison DiLaurentis English Teacher
Emily Fields Varsity Girls Swim Team Coach
Paige McCullers Varsity Girls Assistant Team Coach

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia doubles as Rosewood High. (This can be seen by enlarging the photo above.)
  • The four main Pretty Little Liar actors decorated their lockers themselves.


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