Red Coat
Real Identity: Alison DiLaurentis
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Red Coat


Red Coat
Vivian Darkbloom (former alter ego)


CeCe Drake
Noel Kahn
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CeCe Drake


CeCe Drake
Sara Harvey
Shana Fring
Jenna Marshall
Mona Vanderwaal
Lucas Gottesman
Paige McCullers
Melissa Hastings


- Identity (Exposed)
- Is alive and in hiding from "A" (Exposed)
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Misery Loves Company

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A Is for Answers

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Sasha Pieterse
Did you miss me?
~ Alison DiLaurentis to The Liars

Red Coat is a previously anonymous character. The Liars and Mona believed her to be the leader of the A-Team and would catch glimpses of her around Rosewood with a red trench coat and blonde hair.

She is revealed to be Alison DiLaurentis, who used the disguise to hide from "A" and sneak around Rosewood. However, it is revealed that there are two other Red Coats, one of whom is CeCe Drake, who is the leader of the A-Team, and Sara Harvey, who acted as a decoy to distract The Liars from CeCe and Alison.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

It Happened 'That Night'

Mona is visited by Hanna in Radley. While Hanna is talking, Mona looks away towards a chair in the corner. She sees Alison sitting in the chair, wearing a red coat. Mona smiles but when Hanna looks nothing is there.

Misery Loves Company

When Hanna goes to her job interview at the boutique she looks in the window. While looking at her reflection, she sees Red Coat standing behind her across the street. Hanna turns but the woman is gone.

I'm Your Puppet

Aria sees Red Coat while they are in the morgue. She chases her but she flees into the elevator before Aria can catch her.

A DAngerous GAme

It is revealed that neither Mona nor Toby know the identity of Red Coat. Spencer, as "A", sets up a party at the Thornhill Lodge at the request of Red Coat so they can meet. Aria, Hanna, and Emily sneak into the Lodge to keep an eye on everything while Red Coat flies in a plane. Spencer and Toby sneak outside in order to find out who Red Coat is without her knowing. While Mona, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are inside, someone locks them inside and sets fire to the Lodge. Spencer sees Red Coat but loses her in the fog. Hanna is still inside the lodge, now unconscious, but is pulled out by the girl in the red coat. Hanna is face to face with Red Coat and she sees Alison DiLaurentis.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

In Ravenswood, Someone traps Emily in a coffin and puts her on a sawmill. The girls try to figure out where she is when they see Red Coat running over to the sawmill. They chase her inside but she disappears. The girls frantically attempt to get Emily out but to no avail. Suddenly Red Coat shuts off the machine and takes off. The girls hear a noise and look up and another Red Coat is on the stairs, wearing a mask. Aria chases her up and the two fight. Aria eventually kicks off her mask to reveal CeCe Drake. CeCe pushes Aria and attempts to escape by swinging down on a rope but the rope breaks and CeCe falls. Aria grabs her hand but her sleeve tears and CeCe plummets to the ground. Spencer follows the other Red Coat and she leads her to Ezra Fitz's lair. Spencer believes it was Alison, even more so after Carla Grunwald reveals she is alive.

Grave New World

The Liars see Red Coat at the party in Ravenswood and chase her to a mausoleum, where she disappears. The girls go into an underground tunnel at the place and end up losing Hanna. She eventually gets trapped in a phone booth and Red Coat walks up to the door. Hanna sees her as Alison, and then someone grabs her away.

The Liars return home from the party, with no luck of catching her. Upon arriving at Spencer's, they see Red Coat in the woods and chase her into the Hastings backyard. She is standing there, with her back to them. She then removes her hood and turns around to reveal herself as Alison, alive and well. She tells them that she wants to come home, but it isn't safe for her, yet. They hear someone approaching and Alison gives them a "shh" before taking off.

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