• No language not used on the series are prohibited. This does not include the book series, as we are focused on the show. We know many of you may use this language but not everyone does and the show is rated TV-14, not TV-MA.
  • All images (mainly infobox images) need to be PNG.
  • All infobox images for characters and episodes MUST be screenshots from the episode and need to be sized 330px (i.e.|330px]] at the end of the image). Cropping images for infoboxes is not allowed. No exceptions for this rule.
  • No drama or trolling. We are a drama free zone.
  • Please no spoilers that haven't been confirmed.
  • Please stick with the editing style.
  • You are welcome here even if you are blocked at the other wiki as long as you do not cause trouble here as well, however, do not come here expecting it to be a rule free zone and do not come here simply to wait out your block.
  • If you believe you have enough proof for something that hasn't been confirmed, please contact admins before attempting to add it to a page and discuss it with admins. This does not include theories. The info must have solid proof on the series and not just hints.
  • All character pages must start out as "[Character Name] is a [role status] character in the series. He/She is portrayed by [Actor]." The role status is determined by how they are credited or how many episodes they appear in. If they are credited as Starring, then they are a main character, if they appear more than five times than they are recurring, if they appear less than five and are not main than they are minor. Disguise pages should start out with a description of the character.
  • NO fan made images of any kind unless approved by ABC Family, such as the season 6a poster.
  • All recaps begin with ==History== and then the season number (i.e. [[Season 3]]) and then the episode title (i.e. [[A DAngerous GAme]]).
  • Using the same images as other wikis is completely fine, however, do not take the image from said wiki. It must be an original file.

How Do We Decide Block Levels

  • If you break 1 rule its level 1
  • If you break 2 rules in one its level 2
  • If you get 3 warnings its level 3
  • After you are unblocked and break another rule you get level 4
  • If you keep breaking rules it will eventually lead to level 7


Block Levels

  1. 1 Week
  2. 2 Weeks
  3. 1 Month
  4. 6 Months
  5. 1 Year
  6. 2 Years
  7. Infinite

Admins can choose what level they think your block should be. To talk about your block contact the Admins, if you are polite and sincere we may reconsider.


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