"My dresses. My game. My rules." - A

Never Letting Go is the sixth episode of the Second Season of Pretty Little Liars. It aired July 19th, 2011.

Synopsis Edit

The Rosewood Charity Fashion Show is honoring Alison's life and Mona is running a tight ship. All when it seems like fun and a night to honor Alison, but it turns out to be another part of A's game.

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Title Meaning Edit

The meaning of the title, "Never Letting Go" is that A is not going to let go of the grudge he/she has against Alison and The Liars.

Featured Music Edit

  • "Flaunt" by Girls Love Shoes (Emily changes while Samara watches)
  • "Bodies" by Savior Adore (while Hanna dances wildly around her kitchen)
  • "Too Late For Heroes" by Mark Sholtez (while Ashley and Tom slow dance)
  • "Electrify" by Julin (while the guests arrive at the fashion show)
  • "The Things We Do For Fashion" by Twirl (while the girls strut down the runway)
  • "She's Outta This World" by Sam Conjetti Jr.
  • "Wonder Woman" by Sarah Lichtenberg (while the girls strut down the runway)
  • "Move With Me" by Savannah Packard (while the girls get ready for the show)
  • "Arms and Enemies" by The Quiet Kind (while the liars stand quietly for Alison's tribute)
  • "The Bitch Is Back" by Sinergy (When the tribute is messed up by A)

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