Mona Vanderwaal
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Hair Color:

Blonde (briefly)

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Birth Date:

October 8, 1994


Academic Decathlon Captain (formerly)


Orginal A
Crazy Mona
Loser Mona (by Alison)
Alison DiLaurentis


The A-Team
The Liars
Mona's Army

Family Members:

Leona Vanderwaal (Mother)
Unnamed father
Uncle Ned


Mike Montgomery (Ex-Boyfriend)
Noel Kahn (Ex-Boyfriend)


Hanna Marin
Alison DiLaurentis
Aria Montgomery
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Lucas Gottesman
Jenna Marshall (formerly)
Sydney Driscoll
Toby Cavanaugh (formerly)
Ezra Fitz
Melissa Hastings
Jason DiLaurentis (was used by him for information)
CeCe Drake (formerly)
Sara Harvey (formerly)
Noel Kahn (formerly)


CeCe Drake (formerly)
Sara Harvey (formerly)
Ezra Fitz (formerly)
Veronica Hastings (formerly)
Mrs. Phillips (formerly)
Uber A (formerly)


Lucas Gottesman (formerly)
Melissa Hastings (formerly)
Jenna Marshall (formerly)
Sydney Driscoll (formerly)
Cindy and Mindy (formerly)


Hanna Marin (formerly)
Aria Montgomery (formerly)
Spencer Hastings (formerly)
Emily Fields (formerly)
Noel Kahn
Caleb Rivers (formerly)
Charlotte Drake
Sara Harvey
Wren Kingston
Jenna Marshall
Alex Drake


- Is "A" (Exposed)
- Had her "A" game stolen from her (Exposed)
- Started an Army (Exposed)
- Planned to fake her death (Exposed)
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Last appearance:

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Portrayed By:

Janel Parrish
It's not about betrayal, Spencer, it's about revenge!
~ Mona explains why she is "A".

Mona Vanderwaal is a main character in the series. She is portrayed by Janel Parrish.

Mona was revealed to be "A" in "UnmAsked and was sent to Radley Sanitarium for treatment, where someone else took her game. She is also revealed to have been the person who hit Bethany Young, believing her to be Alison, and the murderer of Charlotte. She was the main antagonist of the first two seasons and during the first half of the fifth.


Season 1


Mona first appears in the mall while shopping with Hanna. She tries on a scarves while Hanna tries on sunglasses. Hanna goes off to talk with Spencer and then she leaves while wearing the sunglasses. As she leaves, a security stops her but only hands her her purse. Mona tells her that she thought she was busted and we see that Mona is wearing the scarf she was trying on.

Later, in a flashback of Aria's, she and Alison are walking and eating yogurt. Mona, wearing glasses and pigtails, trails behind asking them to wait for her. They ignore and she walks off with a sad look on her face.

In present time, Hanna and Mona walk into class and Emily mentions that where ever Hanna goes so does Mona. Aria can't believe it is Mona and says "talk about a makeover".

At the end of the episode, Mona attends Alison's funeral.

The Jenna Thing

Hanna and Mona are hanging out beside their locker. Mona comments on a girls boob job and then notices Sean. Hanna walks off and tells Mona she will see her at lunch and they part ways. Mona later enters Mr. Fitz's class late and then mispronounces his name as "Mr. Fritz". Everyone snickers but she just looks confused. As she sits beside Hanna, Hanna tells her her mistake and Mona says "Oops".

Later, Mona and Hanna are leaving the mall, discussing what they bought. They see Wilden and Mona tells her to relax because she paid for her items. Hanna tells her that she will be right back and Hanna goes over to Wilden as Mona gets into her car.

To Kill a Mocking Girl

In the school parking lot Mona applies lipstick and says she loves the color. She then says they should've stocked up on a few more tubes and Hanna says she only has two hands, meaning it was shoplifted. Hanna tells her to keep it and Mona asks if her mom is asking for receipts. They then go over to Noel and Sean and they discuss Noel's party. As they leave, Mona and Hanna discuss her and Sean.

Later at Sean's party, Mona hangs out with some guy. When Hanna gets mad at Sean and steals her car, she passes Mona who expresses concern but Hanna ignores her and leaves anyway.

There's No Place Like Homecoming

While Hanna and Spencer are having lunch together, Mona sits down with them. She asks Spencer if it's true that she's taking the country club's towel boy to Homecoming. Spencer says that his name is Alex and that she is. Hanna tells Mona to knock it off and Mona says she thinks it cute that she's taking her "Cinderfella" to the ball. Hanna then asks her to go get her frozen yogurt and Mona leaves. Hanna tells Spencer not to pay any attention to her because she's just insecure and Spencer asks Hanna why she's friends with her and Hanna replies that once you get to know her she's funny and that she's always there for her and that she's a good person who just acts tough so people will forget that she used to be a geek.

Later at Homecoming, Mona is standing with The Liars. Aria arrives and says she's ready to have a good time to which Mona replies "With no date? My how the mighty have fallen." But Hanna and Spencer defend Aria saying she can share their dates. Hanna and Mona later stand at the food table and discuss Becky Newman. Lucas approaches and takes a picture and he and Hanna talk. He then introduces himself to Mona but she just makes rude comment back to him and he leaves. Mona then asks her if they are in a parallel universe or did she just talk to "Hermie" which is what Alison called Lucas. Mona then tells her that she did not work to become Rosewood's It Girl just to talk with "Shim" and then Mona says that if they start slipping up they will be right back at the bottom again. Mona tells her that she can go back down if she wants but she will cut her ripcord before she lets her take her back with her and she leaves. She can later be seen dancing with her date.

The Perfect Storm

When Hanna and Lucas are in the library discussing Hanna's boots she is selling, Mona approaches. She makes another comment about Lucas being "Hermie". He notices that she has the bag that Hanna was selling and says "Nice bag." and he and Hanna begin snickering. Mona asks what's so funny and Hanna tell her nothing and that she needs to sign in. She says that they know she's here and tells Lucas that he can go because "this beauty doesn't need a beast." and he leaves. Throughout the episode Mona can be seen studying. While studying she turns around toward Hanna and notices Lucas laughing at her and asks Hanna what's going on. Hanna tells her that Lucas helped her sell that bag. She tells Mona that that's not the original handle because she broke it on a rollercoaster. Mona tells her that she knew and bought it as a goof but Hanna doesn't believe her. Mona asks Hanna if she's poor now because of some of the things she's done but Hanna just says she didn't want the bag anymore. Hanna says she will give her back her money but Mona just tells her to put it towards her birthday present.

Later, as the school is preparing for a tornado they send the students into the Locker room. Lucas says that he wanted to get a picture of a real tornado and Hanna says he doesn't want to see a new one. Mona says "Of course. He wants to take it to Oz so he can ask the Wizard for a penis." and Hanna asks to speak with her. She asks Mona why she can't leave him alone because all he does is remind them that two short years ago they were him. Mona says he bugs her and Hanna says that instead she's the one who needs the trip to Oz to see if the Wizard can find her a heart and Mona walks off.

Keep Your Friends Close

Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily are standing at Hanna's locker discussing Ian when Mona approaches with invitations for her Birthday Party "Camp Mona". She hands each of the four Liars one and then goes over to Naomi and Riley. The girls ask Hanna why Mona invited them and she says that Mona is just trying to be nice because they're all friends again and asks if they're going but they say they have other plans. But then they get a text from "A" that Camp Mona is a scavenger hunt and "A's" the prize.

Later, Mona visits Hanna and says she wants to go shopping and lunch at a restaurant. Mrs. Marin asks "Lunch?" and Mona says she meant dinner. Mrs. Marin says she serious and Mona says so is she. After Mrs. Marin leaves, Mona asks Hanna if they should just ditch school but Hanna says she can't because of what her mom just said. Mona asks if she wants to be her friend or not because lately it feels like not. She says that she's either with Sean or "Shim" or the Others. Hanna says she wants to celebrate with her but ever since her dad left but before Hanna can finish this sentence, Ashley interrupts and says she's working late and she gives Hanna her only $100. While Hanna and the girls are in the Principals office Mona text Hanna "Screw you!"

When Hanna is walking in the halls she sees Mona with Naomi and Riley. She goes up to them and says that the day keeps getting weirder. She says she's sorry about lunch and asks Mona if she got her text. Mona says she got her text and also one from "A" who clued her into the reason she got skinny last summer which "A" claimed was liposuction. Hanna says its not true and then Mona says Hanna is no longer invited to her party nor is she her best friend anymore. She, Naomi and Riley then leave. Hanna tells the girls that they're still going to the party. Hanna says she's going to sneak in.

Hanna and Aria arrive at Camp Mona and Mona greets them and hands them Camp Mona hoodies then gives them a tour of the camp before going off and yelling at an employee who she thinks she saw eat a cookie. Mona later stops Aria and Emily when they try to leave to go look for an "A" clue and tells them its their turn to get their hair blown.

Moments Later

Mona stumbles upon the scene of the accident when the paramedics are loading Hanna into the ambulance after "A" hit her and says "Is that Hanna?" and she is now wearing the Camp Mona hoodie.

Later, Mona visits Hanna at the hospital. She walks in waving a white bra which she says is a peace symbol. She asks if the broken leg will keep her from wearing heels and then says that if she hadn't uninvited Hanna from her party she wouldn't have felt so desperate to try and sneak around and get hit by that car. She says she almost feels guilty but Hanna says she has nothing to feel guilty for and asks if they can be friends again. Mona says the past is forgotten and that they are friends forever. She then applies makeup to Hanna and says she's glad they're friends again. Then they discuss when Hanna did a backflip once and threw up. Mona says that's when she knew she wanted to be Hanna's friend.

Salt Meets Wound

Mona stops Hanna and Emily when they are walking in the hall. She tells them that she wants to throw Hanna a surprise party. Spencer says she doesn't think Hanna will want to host a party but Mona says she'll love it and says she's sure Hanna will understand if they don't want to come.

As part of the plan for the party, Mona goes over to Hanna's, claiming she's there to get her up to speed. She pretends to see a shadow at Hanna's door and when she opens it Sean and many others yell surprise and crowd in. During the party Mona mingles with other people and laughs at Sean's story about him and Hanna. When Lucas begins mouthing off she makes a hermie comment and when Sean tries to fight him she jumps up and yells at them to fight.

The Bad Seed

When The Liars are sitting on the floor at school play tryouts, Mona walks up. Hanna asks her how it went and Mona says she nailed it and that she thinks Mr. Fitz cried. Spencer congratulates her and says she guesses the rest of them should go home. But Mona says no and that there are no small parts, only parts that don't make it into the yearbook. She then says "Good luck!" and walks off.

At the meeting for the play, Mona says beside Hanna. She notices Hanna looking at Caleb. She asks Hanna if she had a nasty dream about "Shaggy" and Hanna says that they were in the shower together. Mona asks Hanna if she's into him or not and Hanna says she's confused. When Aria stands up to hand out schedules Mona asks if she can have a favor. Aria asks what she needs and Mona asks her to go to the vending machine and get her a power bar and some mints. Aria says that everyone can hit the "vendi" when they go on break. Mona gets up and leaves while texting. She returns and stands beside Emily.

Later, Mona walks in on Ezra and Aria talking and greets them. She asks Aria if she's had a chance to pick her up some throatcoat and Aria tells her to go get her own tea because she's a stage manager not a gopher. Mona then says she bites like one. When they begin practicing again, Mona asks Ezra where her character sits and he tells her they'll get to that on Saturday. She then says she can't be there that Saturday. She later says that she feels like her character is being selfish.

Monsters in the End

Mona walks in on Ashley and Hanna while they're discussing Caleb. She asks Mrs. Marin if she can have some of their coffee and Mrs. Marin goes to fix it. Mona asks Hanna if "Sketchy Boy" is gone for good and Hanna says yes. She then says it's all her fault because she knew he would disappoint Hanna and she should've protected her. She then says she hates seeing Hanna get hurt but Hanna says she isn't hurt and they leave.

At the festival, Mona works at a food booth with Hanna. She then notices Caleb and tells Hanna and she leaves. When he walks up, Mona tells him they're not open for business yet and that Hanna had to step out. She tells Caleb that he really hurt Hanna and he gives her a letter to give Hanna. She opens it and reads it, then she rips it up and throws it away and pours drink on it. When Hanna returns and asks what he wanted Mona says change for a $20.

For Whom the Bells Toll

At school, Mona walks down the hall with Hanna and they discuss Caleb. Hanna brings up the letter and asks Mona if he left it. Mona throws the question off track and gives Hanna a kiss on the cheek and says she's sorry before leaving.

Mona sits down beside the Liars while they're having lunch. Aria, Emily and Spencer all get up and then Hanna follows, apologizing to Mona for leaving. Hanna leaves her phone and it starts ringing. Mona calls out to Hanna then she notices the caller which is Caleb and she answers herself. She tells him that she gave her the letter but Hanna threw it in the trash. She then tells Caleb he should lose Hanna's number because she already lost his and he hangs up on her. She then notices Lucas behind her, who calls her out, knowing that she never gave Hanna the letter. She says she didn't give Hanna the letter because Caleb really hurt her. She then says she was only having fun when she made fun of Lucas and says that she's sorry. She says she will help him if he forgets about the letter.

Season 2


It is revealed that Mona is "A". She claims that she was mad at the Liars for stealing Hanna away from her. She and Spencer get into a fight at lookout point and she falls off the cliff. She is revealed to be alive, however, and is admitted to Radley sanitarium, where it is revealed that she now has a helper.

Season 3

The Lady Killer

Mona escapes Radley disguised as a nurse named Ali Dee.

Inside the "A" lair, she receives a call from someone, presumably Red Coat, who gives a new order, which Mona says she understands. Mona later reports this to another member of the "A-Team", telling them they have a change of plans.

In the end, Mona returns to Radley alongside the other member. She's discussing their plan to frame Paige for Maya's murder in order to get Garrett out. She then tells the member that they need to get Maya's phone back from Paige's back. She goes up the stairs to enter the building and tells her partner that she will see them soon. The partner turns around to reveal himself as Toby Cavanaugh.

A DAngerous GAme

Mona meets up with Spencer in the "A-Team" RV and tells her that they like her plan for a party and that she will get her reward on Friday. Mona then says The Liars are finally going to get what they deserve.

At school, The Liars discuss the possibility that Mona kidnapped Malcolm, when in reality it was Spencer.

Upon finding out that Toby is alive and on the side of good, Spencer begins working as a double agent and informs the girls of Mona and Red Coat's plan to meet the girls at The Thornhill Lodge. Toby reveals to Spencer that Mona is the only person who truly knows Red Coat's identity.

At the Lodge, Mona communicates with Red Coat, who is flying in on a plane. She tells Red Coat that it's all according to plan and asks how far away she is, telling her it is safe to land. She also tells Red Coat that it's finally about to end and she's getting what she always wanted. Mona hangs up with Red Coat and gives Toby a flashlight to attack Spencer with, saying "Why don't we go for a little walk while we wait?". Toby and Spencer head off into the woods and Mona smiles deviously, however this was actually a ruse from Toby and Spencer to get into the woods and find out who Red Coat is. The Liars sneak in and corner Mona, as someone locks them inside the Lodge and sets it on fire. Mona is horrified by this and the girls frantically try for a signal. They ask Mona why they wouldn't have a signal because they just saw her make a call and Mona says that it's Red Coat doing all of this, and she's everywhere and no where. The try to find an exit, only to find it blocked off by fire, at which point Mona begins freaking out, saying she's never going to know who Red Coat was. The Liars are confused by this and Mona says that even she doesn't know who Red Coat is. At some point, the Liars go down from all of the smoke, but Red Coat rescues them. Hanna looks up and sees Red Coat as Alison. Mona claims to have saw the same thing.

After the fire, Mona rides away with the girls and she reveals that Red Coat approached her for partnership in Radley and then stole the Liars away from me. They question how Mona didn't see who it was and Mona says it's because she was wearing a mask that looked just like Ali.

The five girls see Darren Wilden's muddy car in the middle of town and go up to it where they see a video of Jenna and Shana rescuing Wilden from the night Ashley ran over him. They then all receive a text from "A", including Mona, saying "You're mine now" and then notice the trunk and open it, at which point they all gasp in shock of what they see.

Season 4

Season 5

Pretty isn't the Point

It is revealed that Mona was working with "A" to fake her death so that they could frame Alison for it and she could ultimately unmask "A".

Welcome to the Dollhouse

The Liars are kidnapped by "A" and taken to her life size Dollhouse. A voice is heard over speakers telling them to follow the lighted pathway. They follow the pathway into a replica of Alison's living room, and see a blonde in an Ali mask playing the piano. Emily asks the girl if she is Alison and the girl removes her mask to reveal that she is Mona, alive and well. She tells them that she is Alison and makes them have tea with her before "A" tells her to take them to play a game. Mona tries to get them to cooperate but the girls don't listen and end up upsetting "A", who then blasts a loud alarm and Mona tells them that the only way it will stop is when they're in their rooms. That night, Mona sneaks into Hanna's room and gets her and the other girls and explains it to them. "A" kidnapped and is forcing her to pretend to be Alison, which is what Mona does whenever she is watching. Mona continues to play the game with "A", while secretly and subtly helping the girls find a way out. One morning, Mona receives a gas mask from "A", who says she is her favorite. "A" then forces the girls to plan out prom and Mona believes that she is the only one "A" plans on keeping after prom. Mona and Spencer hatch a plan to get them all out and build a fake camera that will shut down the power temporarily. Mona shows up at Prom and is named Queen by "A". Once Aria uses the fake camera to shut down the power, Mona takes off with the other girls and races to find a way out. Spencer, however, takes a detour to a room Mona told her about earlier, which is revealed to be "A's" soul room. Spencer goes into the room and sees a video of "A" before Mona comes to get her. Upon seeing the room, Mona says that "A" does have a soul, and seems shocked by their discovery. Mona and Spencer then meet with the other girls and make their way outside. However, they realize that they are actually fenced in in an electric fence.

Season 7

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Mona imagines the Liars talking about "A" while sitting in her room at Welby Sanitarium. "A.D." enters the room and Mona drops her snow globe. She is shocked by the identity of her visitor and says that she never would've guessed the person. She then questions if they are there to kill her.

After being released from Welby, Mona comes to live with Caleb and Hanna, much to the dismay of Caleb, who objects the idea. They leave Mona alone in their apartment to attend the Bachelor/Bacherlotte party for Aria and Ezra. However, Mona sneaks away while leaving the television playing. As the Liars have dinner, "A.D." watches from the woods and turns around to reveal themselves as Melissa Hastings. She then watches Aria receive a phone call from the doctor. Melissa goes into the woods and pulls at her face, revealing that this "Melissa" is actually someone in a mask. The "A" drops the mask on the ground and is revealed to be Mona. She calls "A.D." and tries to convince them to use the information about Aria against her, but "A.D." objects. They reveal that the Melissa mask was just a test for Mona's trustworthiness and that she passed. She questions if they will now reveal their identity to her, but they refuse, as Mona seems annoyed.

Hanna and Caleb return home and believe that Mona has left, but she comes out and tells them she was just in the shower. Hanna then brings Mona with her and Caleb to Aria's rehearsal dinner, something the Liars and Ashley are not okay with.

After the dinner, Spencer is getting out of the shower and hears the piano playing. She investigates, thinking it is Toby, only to find Mona, as "A", coming from the shadows. Mona remarks that it is deja vu to the night she was revealed as "A" and proceeds to knock Spencer out in the same way. Mona then delivers her to Uber A.

After the Liars discover that Uber A may be Spencer's Twin, whose real name is Alex Drake, Mona calls her and tells her that is time for "Plan B" and that she needs to reveal her identity and location to her. However, Mona goes back and tells the Liars of her findings and also reveals that it was Wren Kingston who came to kill her at Welby, until she offered to help. Mona and the Liars subdue Alex and Mona calls a cop to take her and Mary Drake away. However, we see Mona in France, working at a Doll shop, and it is revealed that the "cop" is her French boyfriend. Mona goes into the basement of the Doll shop and we see that she has kidnapped Mary and Alex and is keeping them locked in her own personal Dollhouse, thus taking back the "A" game and being the winner.



  • Janel Parrish had a recurring role for the first two season but was upgraded to a series regular for Season 3.
  • Mona was the first person in the entire series to be revealed as "A".
  • Mona didn't know who her former employer Red Coat was. Although she claimed she did to Toby.
  • Mona was arguably the leader of the A-Team since she is the one who gives the orders to them. Although Red Coat was the one in charge of all of them.
  • Mona was the Original and first "A".
  • At Mona's birthday party, she had everyone wear black hoodies which foreshadowed her being "A".
  • Mona was the main antagonist of the first few episodes of Season 5.
  • For the second half of Season 5 Mona became the new "flashback girl", until it was revealed that she is actually alive.
  • Despite not being officially revealed as "A" until Season 2, In "Moments Later", we see "A" fleeing the car in which she just hit Hanna. A few moments later, Mona walks up to the scene of the accident wearing a black hoodie.
  • Mona has had the most affiliations of any character. First being "A", then joining the A-Team, eventually becoming an on/off member of the Liars, assisting "Ezra's Team" and finally leading Mona's Army. She was also associated with The B-Team, but its never made clear whether she was actually involved.
  • Mona is the second most recurring main antagonist. Mona was the main antagonist for the first two seasons and returned to the role for most of Season 5's first half. CeCe Drake is the most recurring, having held the title from Season 3 until Season 6.
  • Mona's motives for becoming "A" were because of the torment she suffered from Alison. Her motives for becoming "A" again in "Pilot" was the fear of losing Hanna to The Liars. Once she ended up bringing Hanna even closer to the girls, she became more and more angry at them, mostly Hanna.
  • Mona has appeared in a black hoodie in every season except Season 5. She appeared in her black hoodie after running Hanna down in "Moments Later", appeared during her reveal as "A" in Season 2, appeared various times as "A" in Season 3, appeared in the aftermath of the Lodge Fire in "'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e", was seen in archive footage at the Lodge Fire in "Game Over, Charles", and rejoined the A-Team in "Till DeAth Do Us PArt".
  • Mona believed herself to be Alison DiLaurentis' Assailant until "Game Over, Charles," when it was revealed that the person she hit was actually Bethany Young.
  • Mona has been an antagonist during every single season of the series. She was the main antagonist of the first two seasons, was the secondary antagonist of the third season, a supporting antagonist during the second half of the fourth season, the main antagonist for the first half of the fifth season, a minor antagonist in the sixth season during the Lesli Stone suspect era, as well as being Charlotte's Killer, and a secondary antagonist in the seventh season due to rejoining The A-Team and being revealed as Charlotte's killer.


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