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Red Coat
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A DAngerous GAme (as Red Coat)
O Brother, Where Art Thou

The Friend and Ally is a person who is an ally of Charlotte DiLaurentis in the "A" games. In "O Brother, Where Art Thou," she sends Charles a picture of him, Jason and Alison for his Birthday. In "FrAmed," she is revealed to be Red Coat, who is revealed to be Sara Harvey.


Season 6

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Big A is back in her lair opening up a card she received for her Birthday, along with a present. She opens the card which reads "Happy Birthday - Your Friend and ally" and then opens her present which is a photo of her with Jason and Ali at her old Birthday party. This confirms that Big A is indeed working with someone.


Big A is in her lair when someone buzzes to come inside. She lets them in and it's revealed to be Red Coat, who takes a seat beside her, revealing that they are partners and Red Coat is the Friend and ally.

Later, Big A places some items in the trunk of her car. She gets into the car and knocks the window that separates the back from the drivers seat and the driver lets the window down. The driver is revealed to be Red Coat again and she hands Big A an envelope filled with two Prom tickets inside.

Game Over, Charles

Red Coat goes to Radley Sanitarium to set up a bomb for Big A, who is revealed to be Charlotte DiLaurentis. Charlotte reveals that the night of the Lodge Fire she sent Red Coat to act as a decoy while she trapped the girls. Red Coat goes through the woods and meets up with Charlotte after getting off the plane. Red Coat removes her mask and is revealed to be Sara Harvey. Charlotte later reveals that she also sent Sara to Wilden's funeral as The Black Widow to make sure that he was dead. The Liars break into Radley to stop Charlotte and Sara and confront Sara. They outsmart Sara and corner her, while Spencer shuts off the bomb. Sara attempts to flee but Emily grabs her and punches her.



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