Don't Look Now
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date June 23, 2015
Written by Jonell Lennon
Directed by Arlene Sanford
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Don't Look Now is the fourth episode of Season Six. It will air June 23rd, 2015.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After lying to Alison and Jason about Charles, Kenneth comes clean about the family's connection to the young boy. While he won't give much detail about Charles' past, he says enough to give the PLLs a clue of where to look for the missing pieces - Radley Sanitarium. With Radley now closed and the files shipped off to be shredded, the girls must act fast before all traces of Charles' past disappear.

Meanwhile, Caleb's protective nature starts to pinch Hanna, and Spencer seeks a remedy for her sleeping issues.

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