Darren Wilden
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Queen of Hearts
Police Officer
Rosewood Police Force


Ashley Marin (formerly)


Detective Breyer (formerly)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (seemingly/formerly)


CeCe Drake
Aria Montgomery
Hanna Marin
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Veronica Hastings
Ashley Marin
Melissa Hastings
Caleb Rivers
Toby Cavanaugh
Paige McCullers


- Was one of the Queen of Hearts' (Exposed)
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Cause of Death:

Shot by Charlotte DiLaurentis/CeCe Drake

First appearance:


Latest appearance:

Game Over, Charles

Portrayed By:

Bryce Johnson
Either you shut Hanna up, or I will!
~ Detective Wilden to Ashley

Darren Wilden is a recurring in the series. He was protrayed by Bryce Johnson.

Wilden is a detective investigating Alison's case. However, he often crosses the line between investigation and harassment, causing him to become an enemy to The Liars. He was revealed to be one of the two Queen of Hearts and was responsible for Garrett's murder. He was murdered by Charlotte DiLaurentis.


Season 3

A DAngerous GAme

It is revealed that after Wilden was hit by Ashley he was helped up by Jenna and Shana.

Season 4

'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e

Wilden is revealed to be one of the two Queen of Hearts', along with Melissa Hastings.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

CeCe Drake is revealed to be responsibe for Wilden's death.

Season 5

EscApe From New York

Alison says that part of the reason CeCe killed Alison was because of her.

Season 6

Game Over, Charles

CeCe Drake is revealed to be "A" and Alison's Killer. It is revealed that Wilden covered up for CeCe being in Rosewood that night and also covered up the truth behind Marion Cavanaugh's death.

It is also revealed that CeCe killed Wilden because he found Alison was alive. The person whom attended his funeral in a veil is revealed to be Sara Harvey.



  • His status on the A-Team is currently left uncertain, as Marlene claimed he was acting on his own when he killed Garrett. It is possible that since Melissa drugged Aria, it was her that left the A on the wall and she was the only one working on the A-Team.
  • Elliott Rollins wore a mask of Wilden in "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars".
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