Charlotte Drake
Character Information

Full Name:

Charlotte Drake



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Relationship Status:





Red Coat
Working for Ezra Fitz (Formerly)
Founder and CEO of the Carissimi Group


Big A
CeCe Drake
Red Coat

Other Names:

Charles Drake (birth name)
Charles DiLaurentis (adoptive name)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (adoptive name)
CeCe Drake (alias)

Family Members:

Ted Wilson (Birth Father)
Mary Drake (Birth Mother)
Kenneth DiLaurentis (Adoptive Father/Uncle)
Jessica DiLaurentis (Adoptive Mother/Aunt)
Spencer Hastings (Sister)
Alex Drake (Sister)
Jason DiLaurentis (Adoptive Brother/Cousin)
Alison DiLaurentis (Adoptive Sister/Cousin)


Jason DiLaurentis (Ex-Boyfriend)
Darren Wilden (Formerly; Deceased)
Elliott Rollins (In Love With)


Sara Harvey
Jenna Marshall
Alison DiLaurentis
Ezra Fitz
Wren Kingston
Mona Vanderwaal
Eric Kahn
Noel Kahn
Emily Fields (Formerly)
Aria Montgomery (Formerly)
Spencer Hastings (Formerly)
Hanna Marin (Formerly)
Lucas Gottesman




Ezra Fitz (Formerly)


Mona Vanderwaal (Formerly)
Toby Cavanaugh (Formerly)
Spencer Hastings (Formerly)
Sara Harvey
Lucas Gottesman (Formerly)
Melissa Hastings (Formerly)
Darren Wilden (Formerly; Deceased)
Noel Kahn (Formerly)
Jenna Marshall (Formerly)
Wren Kingston (Formerly)
James Neilan (Formerly)
Cyrus Petrillo (Formerly)
Rhys Matthews


Mona Vanderwaal (for the title of "A")
Melissa Hastings (implied)


Alison DiLaurentis (as "A")
Aria Montgomery
Emily Fields
Hanna Marin
Spencer Hastings
Mona Vanderwaal
Caleb Rivers
Toby Cavanaugh
Ezra Fitz
Linda Tanner
Darren Wilden
Shana Fring
Jenna Marshall
Ella Montgomery
Ashley Marin
Bethany Young
Kenneth DiLaurentis


- Is "A" (Exposed)
- Is Red Coat (Exposed)
- Lied about knowing Wilden (Exposed)
- Killed Darren Wilden (Exposed)
- Was in Radley (Exposed)
- Is Charles DiLaurentis (Exposed)
- Knows Melissa killed Bethany Young (Exposed)
- Was adopted (Exposed)
Series Information



Cause of Death:

Neck broken

First appearance:


Last appearance:

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Portrayed By:

Vanessa Ray
Don't be so dramatic, Ali. They're not dead...yet.

Charlotte Drake is a recurring character in the series. She is portrayed by Vanessa Ray

She is revealed to be "A" in "Game Over, Charles". She was Charles DiLaurentis before she became Charlotte DiLaurentis. She managed to get out of Radley and posed as CeCe Drake to get closer to her family. Once Mona was locked in Radley, she began visiting her and learning about the "A" game and she offered to become partners with Mona, eventually taking the game away from her. She was first disguised as Red Coat. She is the main antagonist of Seasons 3-6.

Charlotte was murdered by Mona Vanderwaal shortly after being released from the hospital and revealing that she was never better and planning to continue the game. Her death causes the birth of Uber A.


Born as Charles Drake, the child of Mary Drake, CeCe Drake was adopted by Kenneth and Jessica DiLaurentis, her aunt and uncle. However, as a young child, CeCe was admitted to Radley Sanitarium after an incident concerning her younger sister Alison. Her existence was covered and her siblings never even knew they had another family member. CeCe spent most of her life in Radley, alone, with only occasional visits from her mother and aunt. On her 12th Christmas, CeCe received a yellow dress and wore it to the roof one night to hang out with Bethany Young. However, on the roof, Bethany commits the murder of Marion Cavanaugh and places the blame on CeCe and CeCe spent the next seven years at Radley heavily medicated and almost completely alone. One day, the doctors released CeCe for a funeral: Charles's. CeCe had killed her old identity and was reborn as Charlotte DiLaurentis. CeCe became very smart and her mother eventually convinced the board to allow her to attend classes at U-Penn. One day, she wanted to see her family and called in a bomb threat to her school so classes would be cancelled. She snuck away and met her brother Jason, introducing herself as CeCe Drake. CeCe and Jason began a relationship, leading to her mother finding out and reacting angrily. CeCe had planned on telling her family of her true identity, but one night, Bethany had stolen her clothes and was going to attack Jessica. CeCe stumbled upon a girl wearing the yellow top Bethany had on and hit her with a rock. Only, she didn't hit Bethany, she hit her little sister Alison. CeCe's mother covered up what happened and sent CeCe back to Radley, where she remained. One day, Mona Vanderwaal showed up to Radley and began telling CeCe of her activities as "A". CeCe offered Mona a deal to play the game with her if she would help her sneak out of Radley and the new "A" was born.


Season 1


Charlotte hits Alison over the head with a rock the night of Labor Day. Spencer goes to look for her but doesn't find her, only hearing a scream.

A year later, Alison's body is found and a funeral service is held for her.

Season 2


Mona Vanderwaal is admitted to Radley Sanitarium after it is revealed that she is "A". Once she arrives, Charlotte begins visiting her.

Season 3

It Happened 'That Night'

Charlotte takes over the identity of "A" from Mona and begins to text the girls.


Aria, Spencer, and Emily hear a girl use a quote Alison would always say and they see a blonde girl with a striking resemblance to Alison. The girl overhears them and approaches them. She introduces herself CeCe Drake, one of Alison's old friends and said Alison told her about all of them. After leaving, the Liars note how alike Alison and CeCe are and debate whether it was CeCe that looks and acts like Alison or vice versa.

Dead to Me

Emily remembers more from the night she was abducted by the A-Team. She sees a member of the A-Team digging up Ali's grave and screams for them to stop. The member jumps out of the grave and holds her mouth to keep her quiet. She then notices that Charlotte is watching this event take place, before she takes off. She's disguised as Red Coat, preventing Emily from seeing who she is. Emily tells the girls that she's the one in charge.

A DAngerous GAme

Hanna shows Malcolm photos of various people, asking him if they were "Alison" who took him from his karate lessons. CeCe is among these photos.

Season 4

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Mona admits to seeing CeCe while being locked up in Radley, but she doesn't remember what they talked about because it was before they changed her medication.

Under the Gun

Emily is taken to the police station and questioned by Tanner about a video she received. The video features CeCe in her Red Coat wearing an Emily Mask and holding a sign that says "Guilty".

Crash and Burn, Girl!

CeCe does not make an appearance, however when Toby and Caleb go to investigate Red Coat's flight plan, they question Nigel Wright a second time, he reluctantly reveals that he was paid to set up an anonymous private flight for CeCe to The Lodge at Thornhill on the night of the fire in "A DAngerous GAme."

Into the Deep

At the hospital, after someone attacks Jenna Marshall, Shana tells Spencer that Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake.

Later, Red Coat walks up on the DiLaurentis lawn and waits for Mrs. DiLaurentis to turn off the lights. Once she does, Red Coat begins heading towards the house and goes to a gate on the side of porch. She then begins to drill the gate open and pulls it off its hinges.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

After Caleb finds CeCe's address from an old cable bill, Aria goes there and talks to CeCe's old roommate. She reveals that Alison got CeCe kicked out of college after she pushed a girl down the stairs at the frat party in "The Badass Seed." The girl says that CeCe believes that Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria are "four she-devils" that had something to with what happened and hates them for it.

Later, Spencer and Toby visit Dr. Palmer to find out more about the blonde girl and he drops the name Mrs. DiLaurentis. Spencer and Hanna question her about this and she tells them about a time when she received a phone call from Radley Sanitarium saying her daughter had checked in, and they believed she may be a danger to herself. When she got there, it wasn't Alison, but CeCe dressed as her. Jessica told Alison that CeCe was no longer welcomed in their home, and, in present time, tells Spencer and Hanna that CeCe and Alison's friendship was obsessive, toxic, and that they 'wore' each other's personalities. They conclude that the Alison Masks that Alison purchased weren't for them, but for CeCe.

Bring Down the Hoe

The Liars discuss why CeCe would be "A" at lunchtime, and if she is actually the one who is living under the DiLaurentis home.

CeCe finally appears in a lair of some sorts, filled with photos of Alison and the Liars. She is on the phone with someone and tells them that she isn't waiting there forever and that she's not going back to Rosewood. She hangs up with the person and we see that she has a Red Coat draped over her chair.

Later, a blonde figure in a black hoodie stands outside Ezra's apartment, listening in on his and Aria's conversation. She turns around and it is CeCe, revealing that she is a member of the "A-Team".

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

A sketch of CeCe is seen on the news, meaning she did kill Wilden. Later, in Ravenswood the Liars see Red Coat running to a sawmill and follow her there. Here, they find two Red Coat's. Spencer chases one, who is Alison, while Aria goes after the other, whose face is hidden under an Ali mask. Aria corners the Red Coat and kicks her and the two begin to fight before Aria knocks her up against the railing and kicks off her mask to reveal CeCe. CeCe gets Aria turned around and pushes her into the wall. CeCe then climbs over the railing and grabs a rope and swings off. The rope breaks and CeCe falls but Aria grabs hold of her. CeCe pleads for Aria to help her and Aria tries but CeCe's sleeve rips off and she plummets to the cement ground below. The Liars think she's dead but when they turn around she's gone. Later, they find her name on the bank account, which they believe to be "A's".

Love ShAck, Baby

According to Travis, CeCe was lasted spotted in Maryland on the run from the authorities. It was revealed that she make huge money deposits before Wilden died.

She's Come Undone

It's revealed that CeCe actually witnessed Ali and Spencer's fight but couldn't say anything because Mrs. DiLaurentis paid her to keep quiet.


Ashley Marin goes into a bedroom at the DiLaurentis home, and finds a bag of female clothing that was purchased the day before. Jessica barges into the room, slightly angered, and asks Ashley if that looks like the guest room to her.

Later, Jessica gives "A" a suitcase full of clothes and "A", in a black hoodie, retreats into the woods, where Spencer follows her.

Meanwhile, at an unknown Hotel, someone in a black hoodie prepares to turn CeCe into the cops.

A Is for Answers

CeCe is caught by the police and brought in for questioning. She is wearing the shirt purchased by Jessica DiLaurentis, revealing that she was the one in the woods. She tells Holbrook she knows who killed the girl in Ali's grave and that it is the same person still trying to hurt her friend, whom she says is Ali. She tells him Alison's alive and that she's seen her more than once, claiming to have proof.

CeCe is later led across the Police Station lobby in handcuffs. She passes by Jessica and they lock eyes.

Season 5

EscApe From New York

CeCe comes to New York to ask for help from Alison, after she knocks out Barry Maple to escape police custody. Alison gives her a passport and reveals to Emily that she asked CeCe to wear the red coat at the Sawmill.

CeCe leaves for France and, because the Liars believe they have killed "A", decides to end the game.

Miss Me x 100

Charlotte makes a big return when she blows up the Cavanaugh house and moves into a new lair to continue the game.

Taking This One to the Grave

Charlotte breaks into Mona's and attacks her, making it look like she's been murdered.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

CeCe attends Ali's Ice Ball wearing a white cloak to disguise herself. She comforts Ali and gives her a bottle of specially designed perfume as a present.

Later, CeCe leaves the party and goes over to the DiLaurentis home with a knife.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Charlotte kidnaps the four Liars and brings them to her dollhouse, where she is keeping an alive Mona and forcing her to pretend to be Ali. Spencer learns of Charlotte's former name, Charles, and tells the other girls, who then set her up. At the fake prom she forces them to make, the girls call out for her, using Charles. When she finally shows herself, they shut down the power and run. But Spencer stops by Charlotte's vault room first and sees a video of Jessica DiLaurentis with Jason, Ali and Charlotte as Charles. At this point, Charlotte sneaks up behind Spencer but is gone as soon as Mona enters the room.

Season 6

Game Over, Charles

The Liars enter a room at the Carissimi Group and a screen pops up. They see Alison talking to someone and see that its "A". "A" begins to turn around and the girls brace themselves. "A" spins around and its CeCe. All of the Liars gasp in shock. Alison asks CeCe how she could do this to her and says she risked everything to help her. CeCe says that all she gave her was a passport and a plane ticket and that she would hardly call that everything. Alison says its all that she had and CeCe says it is gonna be a long night if Alison keeps making this about her. The Liars question what CeCe is planning and CeCe turns to the camera and sings "Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister!" and Spencer wonders if this is why CeCe became "A". Hanna asks if CeCe is Charles and Emily says "She is a she, right?". CeCe tells Alison that they never understood how much she loved her. We then flashback to CeCe as a young Charles. Baby Alison starts crying and CeCe/Charles runs her a bath, after Jessica won't answer him from the yard. CeCe/Charles drops Alison in the bath but she goes under and CeCe/Charles is unsure of what to do, until Kenneth rushes in and pulls Alison out. He yells at CeCe/Charles, saying "What's wrong with you?!". Kenneth and Jessica then admit her to Radley Sanitarium. CeCe says she never meant to hurt Alison and Alison says that Kenneth must've known it was an accident and CeCe says she's sure he did. Alison is unsure what she means by this, and CeCe says that for as long as she could remember she asked Jessica to buy her dresses. But Kenneth wouldn't allow it, so CeCe/Charles would just play dress up in Jessica's closet, until Kenneth found out. CeCe says that when she was 12, Jessica bought her a yellow dress and that whenever she'd buy Alison clothes, she'd buy her the same outfit. We then flashback to CeCe/Charles at age 12, sitting on the roof of Radley in a dress, with Bethany Young. They discuss leaving and Marion Cavanaugh enters the roof. CeCe/Charles says she can't see him like that and he goes to hide while Bethany talks to Mrs. Cavanaugh. Suddenly, Bethany and Marion's discussion appears to get heated and Bethany pushes Marion off the rooftop. CeCe/Charles runs up and asks Bethany what she has done, but Bethany turns it on him and says he pushed her. CeCe says that no one believed her because she was a boy wearing a dress and had the most to lose so everything thought she killed her. Jessica paid Wilden to cover it up and for the next seven years at Radley they drugged CeCe up and she was almost completely alone. She says that she thinks the doctors felt bad for it so they let her out for a funeral. Alison asks who's funeral and CeCe says Charles. She says she and Jessica buried Charles at Aunt Carol's and Jessica finally accepted CeCe as her daughter, renaming her Charlotte. Charlotte says she thought she was gonna get to go home but Jessica just took her back to Radley under her new name. Eventually Jessica got the board to allow Charlotte to attend classes at U-Penn. One day Charlotte called in a bomb threat so classes would get cancelled and she went to visit Jason at school on picture day. She introduces herself to Jason as CeCe Drake and, despite not being a student, gets her picture taken for the yearbook. She and Jason then began dating and it wasn't until the day they were supposed to be leaving for the Cape that Jessica discovered CeCe was Charlotte. Jessica freaked out about this but eventually went along with it after Kenneth invited Charlotte along on the trip. Alison asks Charlotte why she didn't tell her and she say she planned to until Bethany ruined everything. Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes and was going to hurt Jessica. Charlotte snuck out to stop her and sees a blonde in a yellow top. She bashes her in the back of the head with a rock, but then realizes that it isn't Bethany, it's Alison. Jessica buries Alison and Charlotte continues to apologize. Wilden comes to get Charlotte and helps cover up her escape. But Charlotte says the doctors knew she escaped and took away her out privileges and she was alone again, until Mona showed up. She thought she was awesome and would sneak into her room every night for story time. Mona was so drugged up that she thought Charlotte was Alison. In a flashback, Charlotte enters Mona's room in a red robe and Mona says she did everything she told her to. Charlotte says she is proud of her and tells her to keep taking her meds. Mona says she will and Charlotte tells Mona to tell her everything about the Liars. Charlotte says she was upset when they started to take Mona off of her meds, because hearing what Mona did to the girls was the only thing she looked forward to. She says that she stopped visiting Mona before she got off her medication because she could never trust her. Charlotte says she made a deal with Mona to play the game with her if Mona would help her escape Radley. Charlotte says her first assignment was meeting the girls and making friends with them. She says that Mona told her the Liars were happy that Alison was gone and that's one of the reasons she began torturing them. She then says that she kept seeing a blonde in a red coat watching the girls, and knew if it was an alive Alison, she would come if the girls were in trouble. She says that she sent a decoy Red Coat to the Lodge that night in the plane to trick the girls, while she trapped them. The Red Coat is revealed to be Sara Harvey, who is her ally. After meeting with Sara in the woods, Charlotte went back to the burning Lodge and overheard the girls saying they saw Alison, confirming her suspicion that Alison was alive. Alison questions why Charlotte continued playing the game if she really cared about her, and Charlotte says that she was going to end it when the Liars thought they killed "A" in New York. She left the country believing it was over, but came back because the game was addicting and she was really good at playing it. Alison reminds her of all of the terrible things she's done to her and the Liars, and Charlotte says that she would never let anything really bad happen to them, because she loves all of her "dolls" and that it sucks to kill someone, even when they deserve it. Alison asks if she means Wilden and Charlotte says he found out Alison was alive and would've never let her come back and tell her story. She sent Sara to his funeral in a black veil to make sure that he was dead. She apologizes to Emily for this, but then says "but not really". The Liars break out of the room they are in and head for Radley. Charlotte continues telling her story to Alison and says that before she came to New York, she snuck home to see Jessica, whom she found dead. She breaks down and says that Jessica was the only person who ever really loved her. Suddenly the alarm goes off, as the Liars enter the building. They meet Sara in the hallway, and she turns on the bomb so that Charlotte can detonate it. Charlotte gets the button and Alison pleads for her not to push it. She pushes it but it doesn't work, as the Liars have cornered Sara and Spencer has turned it off. Charlotte heads for the roof and prepares to jump, as the Liars plead for her not to. She's about to jump until Alison calls her by her real name and begs her not to. She jumps down and removes her hoodie and mask, declaring game over.

Of Late I Think of Rosewood

For the past five years, Charlotte has been living in a sanitarium for treatment. Alison has stayed in Rosewood to take care of her and petitions the court to release her. Alison asks The Liars to come home to testify and say they are no longer afraid of Charlotte. Charlotte asks Alison if she thinks the Liars will come and Alison says of course they will. Charlotte asks Alison if she thinks the girls are still upset with her after all this time and Alison tells her that she promises she will bring her home and they hug one another.

The Liars appear in front of a judge to give their statements and Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Mona say that she should be released, however, Aria testifies against her, saying that she wouldn't feel safe.

Charlotte is released and returns home. The morning after her return, Alison calls Hanna at her hotel and asks if Charlotte came there the night before. Hanna says no and Alison says that she doesn't know where Charlotte is. She says that Dr. Rollins brought her home the night before and that they talked for hours and Charlotte was very happy and grateful. Alison says they went to bed and the next morning she was gone, with all of her stuff still there. She says Dr. Rollins wants her to call the police and Hanna agrees.

In the middle of town, Charlotte's body is found on the lawn of the Church with a rose in her hand. Toby says that Sexton found her after he got there for morning service and saw the door open and then proceeded to check the building and went up to the bell tower, where he saw the shutters open and locked down to see Charlotte's body.

Later, a funeral is held for Charlotte, which a distraught Alison, The Liars, Ezra, Caleb, Mona and Dr. Rollins attend. The door opens and a veiled Sara Harvey walks in with an escort and takes a seat behind Alison, much to the shock of the Liars. The girls question why she is there after the funeral and say that its to make sure Charlotte is really dead. Lorenzo Calderon stops the girls after the funeral and reveals that Charlotte was already dead when thrown from the bell tower, therefore meaning she was murdered, and thus opening an investigation.

Charlotte's Web

After The Liars suspect she may have had something to do with Charlotte's murder, Aria reveals that the night of Charlotte's death, she and Ezra left the hotel and went for a walk. While in town, Alison's car pulled up to the Church and a blonde got out and went inside. Aria and Ezra believed this to be Charlotte.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Spencer, Toby and Mona find a patient file hidden at Radley for a patient named Mary Drake. They then see that Mary is actually the mother of Charlotte, who was born as Charles Drake. Charlotte was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth and is actually is almost the same age as Jason, not a year older as Jessica and Kenneth had claimed.

Later, Mary is revealed to be the twin sister of Jessica and is working with Elliott Rollins with whom Charlotte was in love with. The two of them are working to drive Alison insane so that they may inherit Charlotte's belongings from the Carissimi Group.

Season 7

Hit and Run, Run, Run

Alison reveals that she did not kill Charlotte but instead followed her into the Church after Charlotte had ran out of the house upon discovering that Alison was in a relationship with her doctor Elliott. In a flashback, Alison follows Charlotte into the Belltower to calm her down before Charlotte finally asks her to leave. As she is leaving, she hears a noise.

Power Play

Pastor Ted Wilson reveals that he was Charlotte's Father. He and Mary met in college and she never told him about the birth. However, he reveals that he knew Charlotte when she was still Charles and she was friends with Lucas Gottesman.

Farewell, My Lovely

Mona reveals that she met with Charlotte the night of her murder. In a flashback, Charlotte meets Mona in the bell tower and Mona confronts her about not actually being better. Charlotte confirms Mona's suspicions and reveals that she plans to become "A" again, claiming that she will make the last game look like a picnic compared to the new one. She then taunts Mona about her former unpopularity and Mona takes a sharp bar and holds it to Charlotte's back, ordering her to jump from the tower. Charlotte pleads for Mona to stop and Mona does, telling her that she needs to accustomed to the feeling of almost dying. Charlotte continues to taunt Mona, saying she knew Mona didn't have the guts. Charlotte then attacks Mona and the two of them fight until Mona accidentally pushes her into a sharp piece of metal, killing her.

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Spencer awakens in a bright room after being taken by Mona and "A.D." and sees her reflection in the wall. However, the "reflection" puts down their hand, revealing that it is not a reflection but Spencer's identical twin sister, Alex Drake, who is Charlotte's half-siser. Alex tells her story to Spencer and reveals that Wren discovered her in London and mistook her for Spencer. After realizing that they were twins, he informed Charlotte about having a sister. In a flashback, Charlotte arrives at the airport to meet Alex and is stunned to discover that she is Spencer's twin. The two of them bond and became extremely close until Charlotte decides to return to Rosewood to resume her role as "A". Alex tried to convince to let her come back with her, but Charlotte refused, not wanting Alex anywhere near the Hastings family. As she left for America, she gave Alex a Patsy Cline vinyl. Alex reveals that that the next time she saw Charlotte was when she visited her grave, leading to her becoming "A.D." to avenge her murder.



  • CeCe was allegedly present during an episode in the first season titled "The Bad Seed". However, she was not seen.
  • She was also present during "Grave New World", as she has a photo of Alison's meeting with the Liars that seems to have been taken from the bushes. However, fans now know that she was likely the other Gas Mask person.
  • CeCe is listed as the Prom Queen in the Rosewood Yearbook. However, it is unknown why, seeing as how she never attended Rosewood High.
  • CeCe's character often causes confusion amongst fans for many reasons, such as:
    • CeCe is seen outside Ezra's apartment wearing a black hoodie, A's infamous clothing choice. However, in "EscApe From New York", Alison claims that CeCe helped her save Emily from "A".
    • As stated above, Alison claims that CeCe only wore the red coat in order to distract "A" so Ali could save Emily. However, in "Bring Down the Hoe", an episode which takes place before this event, CeCe is shown to have a Red Coat of her own.
    • In "The Mirror Has Three Faces," CeCe's roommate tells Aria that CeCe hated them because Ali got her kicked out of college. However, CeCe and Ali now seem to be friends.
    • Most of this is cleared up in "Game Over, Charles". CeCe was wearing the hoodie because she is "A" and she locked Emily inside the Sawmill herself. However, fans are still unclear as to who her roommate is.
  • CeCe was born as Charles Drake and later transitioned into Charlotte DiLaurentis. In order to get close to her family, she masqueraded CeCe Drake so they wouldn't know who she was.
  • CeCe was the primary "A" suspect during Season 4A, which is ironic since she actually was "A".
  • Charlotte seems to be based on three characters from the book series.
    • Tabitha Clark, in that both are older friends to Alison, who look very similar to her and seem to know the girls' secrets and both also get into a fight with Aria, which leads to them falling off a ledge and the Liars believing they are dead.
    • Courtney DiLaurentis, in that both are a hidden third child of the DiLaurentis family and both have the initials C.D. Both of them are also sent to Radley Sanitarium at a young age.
    • The real Alison DiLaurentis, in that both are the second "A" and both were sent to Radley Sanitarium as kids.
  • CeCe is one of the two masked Red Coats, both of whom are on the A-Team.
  • Charlotte is Big A, the second "A".
  • In "Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars", it is revealed that her birth mother is Mary Drake, the twin sister of Jessica DiLaurentis.
  • Charlotte has appeared or been mentioned in every season. She was mentioned in Season 1 as "Alison's Killer", appeared in Season 2 as Red Coat, was a recurring character in Season 3, Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 and is a guest character in Season 7.
  • Her first appearance as "CeCe Drake" and portrayed by Vanessa Ray was in "Crazy".
  • Charlotte is arguably the main antagonist of the series as a whole, being a hidden antagonist in Season 1 and Season 2 as Alison's Killer and Red Coat, the main antagonist of Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, and the first half of Season 6, and the genesis for the creation of Uber A, the main antagonist of the second half of Season 6 and Season 7.
  • At one point, Charlotte was intended to be the final "A" of the series and would have been revealed during the series finale. However, when she was renewed, the writers decided to expand upon the story, ultimately leading to the creation of Alex Drake, Uber A.
  • Charlotte's surname is debatable, as she introduced herself as Charlotte Drake to Archer Dunhill in "Till DeAth Do Us PArt" and masqueraded as CeCe Drake before her identity was revealed. However, publicly she was known as Charlotte DiLaurentis.


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